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Date: June 21st 1917

June 21

Fine but cool.

Arrived at Hisden 11.45 A.M. and found Col. Sims. He had the letter from the General and seemed anxious to do something. He told me that there would surely be changes in the Can. Car. Bde. in less than two weeks, and that Wocherty would get his own. He also gave me a car to call on the 26th and 25th Bus.

Left there at 5 P.M. and went to Brury H.Q. 2nd Div. Then to H.Q. 26th & 25th. Saw several of my old officers.

I did not get very much encouragement however from the O.C. as they feel they should look after their own officers.

Original Scans

Original Scans