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Date: June 11th 1917

June 10. (Should be 11)

Fine in the morning. Heavy thunder shower during night, roof leaks like basket.

Had a very unpleasant surprise at 6.50 A.M. An order from Bde. to effect that Maj. Bell would relieve me and I would return to H.Q. in command of Transport. As we were to be relieved any how on the night of the 14th very much surprised.

Maj. Bell arrived about 4 in the afternoon with the General. He was quite frank with me and told me he was sent to investigate punishments I had given 5 men of the L.S.H. who had left their Billets and missed working party parade. A very serious offence and I would have been quite justified in remanding them for C.M. I was and am more than obliged to Maj. Bell for his frankness to me. I told him the whole circumstances and added that I wanted him to decide just the way he thought was right and if I was wrong say so. It appears Col. Hesketh O.C. L.S.H. had complained to the General re. the punishment I had given his men. I have no hesitation in saying his complaint childish and unsoldierly, however the General chose to listen and without being frank & open with me did not hint why I was being relieved of the command. However here I am back at Bde. H.Q. I have handed in my report of the work & disposition of my party while I was there and have requested that the General see it.

It is not hard to see a certain amount of coolness with some of the officers but not all. Why am I again to be persecuted.

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