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Date: July 13th 1917

July 13

Fine & warm. Left Amiens 5.08 A.M. arrived Hisden 10.45 A.M. Had a talk with Col. Sims and he thinks if I go to England on anything but leave they will probably sent me back to Canada. It seems that I make a wrong move every time. My bad luck still pursues me or is it bad management. One thing is certain whatever I do my intentions & wishes are to get a permanent place in France in the fighting line and it seems very hard to get. [?] it is I must also get to England to square up the claim of 150 pounds to the Q.M.G. has against me for the shortages in Q.M. Stores of my old Battalion. I have wired & written Col. Paterson the situation and have asked him to have my papers changed to special leave. And now I have to stay here where I am till the matter is righted.

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Original Scans