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Date: September 12th 1917
T.W.B. Marling

2nd Canadian Infantry,
British Expeditionary Force,

September 12, 1917.

My dear Win,

I got your letter of August 15th two days ago. Mail seems to be slowing up again, but as long as we get it we can't grumble. I can picture that raspberry picking quite vividly. We thought we had spotted some blackberry bushes here the other day, but, of course, all the ripe berries are gone.

I was very tickled to hear about Gardiner. If his right age is known, he won't get past England, although he may get so far. We do have men just as small, but not as capable.

The lakes must be lovely just now. You can bet I'd like to be on them.

At present Hubert Eastwood and I are in a tent together at a school. We have to go on everlastingly learning at this game. We don't mind a rest from the front line if only we hadn't to be so polished and shining, and so punctilious all the time. Our present C.O. is "nuts" on saluting, and it's a nuisance. We are having an easy time - sports every afternoon. I'm looking forward to Blighty leave soon.

If I get another leave, I'll go to Paris. The Americans are there in force now. They'll be in this game tooth and nail before long.

I had a grand motor trip south the other day - we saw lots of interesting spots and towns. You don't know how a humble foot slogger "sub" can gloat in a car, whizzing over roads he's had to tramp, tramp, tramp miles on.

Cheerio! I'll soon be galivanting around Blighty. I forgot though, we can get more to eat and drink here than I there!

My best to all of you.

Yours faithfully,
T.W.B. Marling.