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Date: 1915

6th Brigade
2nd Canadian Co.
Army P.O. London

Dear Mrs Roe,
You will have heard of the sad accident which befell Private Richard Roe through the accidental discharge of rifle. The poor fellow who guilty of the carelessness I need hardly tell you feels [?] about it. It is difficult to avoid such things happening occasionaly several have been wounded in this way. Mr. Roe was instantly killed and did not suffer atal. This war is full of these strange [?] and fatallities. We must indeed pray that his kingdom may come a kingdom where peace and love will reign because the Prince of Peace himself has his [?] place in his own world.

Every man who has gladly suffered his life for this glorious cause, never was there one more [?] as a hero. This life is full of trials and danger and the 28th Battalion has been hit very hard but in turn have honored the colors as much as any Canada has sent forth. May the comforter the Holy Spirit, comfort you and the Father of mercies help your heart in his own peace that passeth understanding.
Yours very faithfully
C.C. Owen
Chaplain of the 6th Brigade

Private Roe was buried at the time near the trenches but they hope soon to move him to the Cemmel[?] Cemetery near [?] Chateau a very sweet spot.

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