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Date: May 24th 1917
Aunt Flo

R.R. No.1. Delaware On
May 24. 1917,

Dear Aunt Flo-

It sure is no wonder that you called me a piker. Really I intended writing you before this but neglected it. Well I suppose you are as busy as ever. We sure are not having spring weather it has rained here every day this week, In many letters you mentioned the pigs, Well I guess they would be big ones if we had them yet but they are sold long ago and some more just is big now, you didn't call around again to get some of Aunt Sally's wine. Well I don't believe she kept it long enough to give it a good pick, Do you remember picking grapes, you sure was some climber. Aunt Annie was up for a day last week, she said she had wrote to you. also down to Strait ford. Around Christmas time had a fine time, I suppose you had a fine time the rest of your trip home, How did them concerts come off you mentioned in Murrays letter, We had a good concert in Delaware called 'The Soldiers SweetHeart. They had it the second time. I was there twice. Is not this old war a dreadfull affair, Your home is sure broken up. You remember that Mrs. Clark that keeps Helmer well her boy was killed lately her only boy, Thanks for your picture they were fine. Grandma was greatly pleased with hers, Suppose Leslie will be nearly a man by this time, I suppose you won't be coming east this summer. We had Uncle Charlies this winter that little Audrey is a sweet little thing, We had a lovely time, well I guess I had better stop Oho yes I intended to tell you if you want some fresh eggs you had better come down we get around 20 eggs a day, Well Bye Bye

From Lily
Write Soon
Give my love to Uncle Fred Uncle Alex and Leslie

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Original Scans