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Date: April 17th 1917

April 14/17
Bramshott Camp

Dear Flo

Yours received ok and thank you very much for same Well honey this I believe to be my last Saturday in this Godforsaken Camp for if nothing hapens I shall be in France next Saturday and I am on draft and we are suposed to leave Monday morning and believe me Monday morning can't come to soon to suit this chicken.

You seem to be going ahead some in one way or another what with Caligraphy & type writing you letter was not bad considering that you have not been in the game very long but of course I should not take the Role of Critic should I dear.

I had a letter from Doll which Mother said she wrote herself and she sure wrote a well worded letter for a kid believe me, I don't you ever had a thing on her and that's making quite a statement if my memory is correct about 10 or 12 years back. I think you might have been a little better on the logs but that's about all Kid.

Well I am very sorry to hear that how she made - the dog and cat have got to die pretty hard luck on the little devils don't you think.

I was very sorry to hear about dad but I hope he is all Jake again by this time. Mother said he was getting on pretty well so I guess its only a matter of time now.

Well so long Kid and good luck with the new line of amusement you have taken to.


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Original Scans