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Date: April 1st 1917


Bramshott Camp

Dear Flo

Recieved your welcome OK and was delighted to hear from you. so you have been investing in some new furs Eh and say I am flattered to think that you intend to come to my wedding dressed like a I don't know what, but I do know you well enough to know that it will be the latest in dress & then some Eh.

So you have been to Wpg Eh well how is the little old burg these days I would give quite a lot to be there myself for a few days or Bdn would look some joint to me right now infact I believe Ch[?] would be a good as this anyway and that's going some Eh

I note that you still address my letters as Sgt but I would have you know that I am a Pte now and a damned sloppy one at that and intend to be sloppy until I get to France thus I'll be there with bells on looking for a Blighty get me Kid and I wont try to get to Blighty by trying to stop a fast one with my dome you can bet your life on that dear. I tried that playing Base ball the other day caught a fast liner with my nose must have had a hole in my glove I guess but I woke up with enough blood sticking around to dye a sheet and I also woke up to this fact that a base ball was damn near as hard as my head and thats going some when you figure that my dome's made of wood.

Well so long Kid remember me to Billie


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Original Scans