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Date: July 3rd 1917
Mother & All

France July 3/17

Dear Mother & All:-

Received three of you letters dated May 30, June 5 & 10 & also a parcel from you yesterday & was sure pleased to get them as it is the first for a week. They all seem to come in a bunch when they do come. Awful sorry I did not get a chance to write last week but as I was on duty a lot & when I was off I had to get some sleep so I never got a chance. I met one of the Ditchburn boys one night & he seemed quite. I expect him over to see me any time now. We are out for quite a long rest this time I expect & am looking forward to a fair time. We got quite a long rain last week but it is drying up now as it ahs turned beastly hot. Suppose they had the usual celebration in town on the 1st. So the people in Saltcoats are beginning to be a little friendly towards me. I guess it just because I'm over hear.

Glad to hear Gladys is home as she will be able, if not too fat, to take some of the work off your shoulders.

By all accounts Friz is doing quite well in every respect at her new school. She still sticks to her old stand-by, Roy. I don't know why it is for I cant give her a good time.

How is conscription getting fellows at home? Or have they enforced it yet?

Recieved a letter from Bea but she said nothing about her coming marriage. All she mentioned is "We" or "John" & I'm still in the dark. So Percy Kissick got "Napoo". It certainly must be hard for his mother.

We Mother I must close saying am quite well & hope all are the same at home

Your Loving Son


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