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Date: February 1st 1917
Mother & All

D Company 34th Bat.

Feb. 1 1917.

Dear Mother & All:-

Recieved your most welcome letter to-day & yours & Dad's a few days ago. I suppose by the time this reaches you, you will have finished your trip which I hope will be pleasant & hope you & Dad feel refreshed after it. I have not been able to scrape up enough dough to take a trip since my last; but when I do, I intend to Glasgow Scotland & see what a Scotchman's country is like as I am fed up with the Englishman's.

I hope all the fellows who are getting married everlasting happiness but I doubt wether Bill Paton will. Suppose Wilf is the next, but not this chicken as I am afraid I wound'nt be able to settle down & save. Pte. Baine was right when he said that there was an enormous amount of drinking in this country but you may rest assured Mother that I will never take a drop as I have too much respect for myself & my people. Even as bad as people think me in Saltcoats. I never had any taste for liquor & never will attempt to develop one (remember I signed a pledge & will keep it. I confess, I have bad habits such as smoking but I can see no harm in it as long as I use it moderately. I am still in quaranteen I don't get much news except that it is quite cold for this country & have seen a little snow.

Hoping this find you both in good health &you find those in Peg. Reston & Newdale the same.

I am

Your Loving Son.


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