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Date: April 1st 1917

Manitoba Regimental Depot
Upper Dibgate
Shorncliffe Kent
Apl. 1. 1917.

Dear Gladys:-

Your most welcome letter received some time ago. I could not reply sooner because I was broke (as usual). You will notice by the above address that I have again been shifted. I am employed in the depot receiving room as clerk messenger etc. it sure is a snap of a job. The only objection is that the towns around here as so small & dead that a fellow may as well sleep in camp in his own time. That was the best of Shoreham, there was always some place to go. I am only about a mile from the camp we landed in when we first came to England. Loyd Armstrong is about half a mile from here with C.G.S.C.

I intend to call on him some of these fine days. What kind of weather are you having? We are getting rain for half an hour & snow for the other half.

How are all the foeks in the peg? Has Cliff arrived from here yet? I heard from him some time ago & he said he was being sent back.

The guy at the piano in the Y.M.C.A. were I am writing this is playing some good old Meth. tunes that almost makes me homesick to listen too.

Well Sis, news is very small at present so I must close. I hoping you are in the best of health.

Your Loving Bro.


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Original Scans