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Date: November 7th 1918

Barn House
Nov 7th 18

Dear Mother:-

Received two letters from you this morning and was very glad to hear from you they were dated Sept 5th & 10th so where are your letters you wrote in August I only got one of them. Your getting right young ain't you going to Red Cross Meeting after night.

I will mention again that I got your parcel that had the wedding cake in it tell Charlie to get married over again and send me another of cake. Vince didn't stay quite as long as I did in France before he was hit I was there just one month, and as for him being in the trenches they are few and far between.

Fred will own all the trotting horses before he comes back. I had a letter from El. Today.

Had a letter from Er Wood and Russell the other day they are both fine. We are having great weather here nice and warm. Well I suppose I had better tell you I am getting along splendid the wound is almost healed up now. Where I am now it is sort of a convalescent home but still send my mail to the hospital and I will get it all right.

How is Dad and all the rest of you.

As I have no knews I must ring off.

Good Bye A. Hamm.

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