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Date: July 4th 1944

New Westminster B.C.
July 4, 1944

My Dear Son,

Well here I am again in answer to your letter, that I received yesterday. Am so glad that you are feeling well as Ruth & I are the same. today it is very hot & not very comfortable but still is better than the cold weather.

Ruth had a letter from Gene yesterday & guess by all accounts he has been having a pretty tough time he says his squadron was the first over on Dday. he has had 28 trips in so far & expects to be having leave soon now. He expects to come back to Canada & instruct for a while & I guess the poor kid has earned it.

Havent seen any of the boys around here lately but guess they must be allright I think I told you that Billie Bradshaw is leaving on the eighth, so am going to try and see him befor he leaves.

Am going to town tomorrow to get your shorts & things, you diden't mention the size but guess it will still be the same, dont suppose you have put on so much weight that you will take a larger size. Anyway next time you want anything better just mention it so there will be no mistake. It would be too bad to send something away over there and than have it not fit. Did you receive the sweatter that was sent quit awile ago was kind of wondering if that fit you & did you get the H.Y. pin o.k.

Aunt Bess is going to the hospital pretty soon now to have the cataract removed from her eye they couldent do it before because it seems they have to wait for it to ripen. Do you need any money don't be afraid to ask if you do because it is here for you any time you need it. Well no more room so will have to close now with all my love as ever


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