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Date: August 8th 1944

Aug. 8/44

Dear Marilyn,

Received your letter a few days back and very pleased indeed to hear from you. I have been in hospital, which means lying on my back, for three weeks now, so tis getting kind of tiresome. I had to change hospitals a week ago as they were closing down the other one. A couple of boys from the same squadron as myself were also in with me but they have moved on to a convalescent hospital were I will be going after I'm through here. The sisters here are certainly wonderfull-they'll do anything for us.

The wound in my leg has healed up wonderfully-penicillin did the trick. They put a dozen stiches in it five days ago and will be taking them out in another five, and then I should start getting up. My right leg seems to be half the size of my left so imagine it will be quite a while before I start running around again.

The boys come in quite often to see me. they were away on a weeks leave and of course had a wonderfull time telling me about it when they came back. I was never so tortured in all my life. They have picked up a spare bomb aimer till I get back.

Mrs. Hawksworth sent me three pr. of knitted socks. I also had a letter from her and she was going to come down and visit me today. Its about three hrs. from here by train.

There is an English army captain in the same ward as myself, who was wounded in Normandy. The news is certainly wonderfull from those parts now but theres lots of fighting to be done yet, which most people dont realize.

Of course sine I've been in the hospital we have been having wonderfull weather. The summer resorts are many times overcrowded-some even sleep on the beaches.

Well my dear ones that's all for now. Did you receive a letter from our Padre-he's a grand chap.

Love to everyone,


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