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Date: October 18th 1943

Letter No I
Mon. Oct 18/43

Dear Mother,

Well Mom, I'm safely in England and have been for three days. I have just sent you a cable also. We were just allowed to send letters or cables today as we had others things to do first.

We had an uneventful trip across although the last couple of days was very rough. All our bunch came across together. The ship was very crowded even though it was one of the best in the world. While we were landing there was a movie camera shooting away so you might see me on the screen. There was also a guy with a mike talking to different boys and they were making records of it. You hear it on those overseas broadcasts in Canada. He saw me walking around and asked me different questions so you might also hear me on the radio.

We saw the land of the heather for a few hours as we came down from there by train. They were all out waving and what not. They say the people there are very hospitable to canucks so I'll probably be going there on one of my leaves - which are quite a few and lengthy. We get a ten day leave after we have been here a week. I'll probably be going to London as it is just two hours from here. I also hope to get in touch with Milton.

I'm just getting used to English money which is quite an art to master. The blackouts are something fierce. I'm afraid to go to far away at night or else I'll get lost. We have the best of everything here. We are billeted in hotels and have the best of service. It's sure a treat not to have to make beds or shine buttons anymore. The C.O. is the same one that was at I.T.S. We have been getting lectures and whatnot so far. We have to start taking a refresher course to learn what we have forgotten and a bunch added on.

We went to a cinema last night, which is no different than the ones at home except you can smoke in them. We are going to a dance tonight.

Well Mom that's all for now. Say hello to everybody for me. Please forward this on to Dad-in fact you had better exchange all my letters. I am going to number my letters to you, from 1 to 10 then restart, so you will see how many letters don't arrive.

All my love,

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