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Date: October 7th 1944
Mother & Father

Oct. 7/44

Dear Folks,

Well I got back to the squadron after a very nice two week's leave and boy am I rarin' to go once again. As I mentioned in my last letter, Don and I spent the last three days at Harewood. I certainly like the country around there. We had a game of golf one morning and spent the rest of the time walking around taking a few pictures with his camera. I'll send them on to you when they're developed-which is very hard to have done over here.

There were three letters waiting here for me from you besides one from Ethel H. and Earny and some from England so was very glad indeed. You had quite a few questions to ask so will try to answer them all. I was flying in a Halifax and had seven operations in. If you are ever in the city you could buy me a couple of officers shirts size 14 ½, also some socks as the ones over here are rotten. All food you have sent has been O.K., including the maple syrup which was delicious. The Hawksworths received your chocolates O.K. They even saved a couple for me. I believe that is the best thing you can send them. I also got a letter from Winnie and Earl and two cartons of cigs. from you.

Our crew was up this morning and we dropped 16 practice bombs just to get back on the beam again. They have been having quite a bit of trouble using spare bomb aimers. One dropped his load on our own troops so there was quite a bit of trouble about that. I'm certainly glad to get back with them once again. They only have five trips to do and will then be through. Wally has only two trips to do. It certainly has been wonderful ho w most of the boys I know have come through, although there are a lot I know on other squadrons that went for the big chop.

I have just found out that I have to have a medical board up at Northallerton before I fly again. I don't think it will mean much. There is still quite a bit of water on the knee and a muscle wastage of 1 ½" in my right thigh-am just hoping I'll be back with the boys tomorrow. Hope you find your place of new abode O.K.


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