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Date: November 23rd 1944

Nov. 23/44

Dear Mother,

My last letter to you was written from Mrs. Hawksworth's and it's now six days later and I'm back on the squadron. Upon returning I find that our skipper, Harry, and Paul have returned to Canada so am very sorry in not seeing them. The rest of the crew are still here but are expecting to get posted out at any time so I'm going to be very lonesome, as there are very few people here I used to know. Our engineer go the C.G.M. (conspicuous gallantry medal) so we are all very proud of him.

I was only on the squadron a couple of hours and left again for four days leave. The adjutant said there was quite a bit of paper work in having me posted back and we had nothing to do in the meantime. I went in to Birmingham as Stew, our wireless op. was spending a few days leave there. We had a very lovely time so you'll be hearing bout it from Mrs. Warwick. We just returned this morning and had some swell news. Wally is a prisoner of war! All the crew are P.O.W. except the rear gunner and the engineer and they hadn't been heard from. I immediately phoned Mrs. Hawksworth and she was certainly relieved.

I also received some letters, parcel, and carton of cigs. from you-they are coming through much better now. Am very sorry to stay that the chicken was spoiled in the parcel but everything else was swell.

In one of your letters today it answered a question that has been in the minds of the crew for a long time-about Paul. When we first crewed up with him he was trying very hard, through the padres, to get back to Canada. We all thought it was very strange but as he didn't even hint at the reason we never inquired what it was. The poor guy always looked sick and always went around very pale but picked up after he realized it was impossible to go back. It was certainly a tough break for him but am certainly glad he is going back-the boys said he was really happy. If he goes back to Wadena for goodness sake get in touch with him.

I'm going to be on the squadron as a spare which means my trips will probably be far between-unless some other bomb aimer gets it and I can get in that crew.

Am running out of ink so goodbye now.


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