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Wed. evening

Dear Mom,

Well Mom about the only thing I can think of to say is the weather - and I could write a book on that. There has certainly been a dandy blizzard on around here. - the kind that they used to get in the olden days. It came over the radio that it was the worst storm Edmonton has had in ten years. Since Sun. it has snowed three feet, everything was blocked up. Two street cars were off the tracks and cars were stuck all over the place. I wrote a letter to Dad last Sat. and it didn't leave here till today. because the mail man couldn't get through. It's 20 below in the mornings and it's rather a cool jaunt over to the normal school. We had our Nav. exam today and I don't believe I made any skyscraper of a mark. Three weeks from tomorrow I'll be all through with I.T.S. We have been told that all the flying schools will be ready for postings when our course is finished and that we won't be getting any leave. Of course if there is poor flying weather we won't be posted right off the bat and would probably get a leave then.

I forgot to keep Aunt Laura's address when I sent you her letter. Would you please send it to me in your next letter as I must write her soon. Also, on my address would you put "Flight D" after course 64. It means that the post office here has to sort it out and I don't get it until a day later.

My roommate fell down the steps and hurt his back. He has to go to the hospital twice a day for lamp treatments.

I was standing in the canteen when our na. officer came up to one of the boys and told him that he would have to write Met. over again as he failed in it. I asked him how the rest of the marks were and he said I made a very good mark in it, so I'm quite proud of that.

It's really going to be a relief to be finished here. Even if I am made a gunner I'll get overseas a lot quicker.

I'm sorry that I can't think of anything to say but it's really a dry place around here with the same routine every day. Adios for now.

Your loving son,

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