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Sun. evening

Dear Dad.

Well I suppose you have heard about Ted. I have been thinking of his parents a lot - how terrible they must feel. There will be a great many people miss him but under Gods good grace he will once again return home some day.

Well Dad I have had quite a few new experiences this past week. I have been to Regina and Dafoe. We have also finished our exams and I have had my 60 hour check. I have handled all O.K. thank goodness.

Last Wed. they were getting 12 new Cornells from Regina. 12 instructors and 12 students went down. As we are the oldest course on the station they took the pupils from our course and I was one of the lucky ones to go. We went down with the instructors and each flew an aircraft back. I had a great time - pin pointing myself along.

Yesterday I made a solo cross country to Govan - to Dafoe - and then back here again. I left first thing in the morning and it was quite windy out. While I was away it got much windier. I got to Dafoe O.K. but the wind was 60 M.P.H. They phoned from here to hold me there until it calmed down but I had already left. Coming back I got quite always off track and had quite a time pin pointing myself back again. I had to laugh at my instructor - he was so worried about me. He almost had a fit when he saw I was back again. We are night flying now. I solo'd as a night flyer last Friday. We only get 6 hours of night flying and I have five now. Its great fun feeling my way in for a landing with the motor and judging the height off the ground by the flare path. I have 67 hours altogether now so I'm really going to ride hell out of these babies for the next eight hours. I'm going to hate to leave the Cornell and go on a two motor job. (I'm hoping I get S'ktoon).

One of our boys was up to Rose Valley the other day. He flew right past Dafoe as it is very hard to see in the bush. He went off the map he had and had quite a time getting back to Dafoe again. I wish I could make the same mistake he did only I wouldn't end up over Rose Valley. My instructor and I have talked about that quite a bit but he couldn't see my point of view. He gave me fair warning when I left on my cross country to not go past Dafoe.

Well Dad I must sign off hoping to see you this coming weekend,


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