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Sun. evening

Dear Mother.

Well Mom my wish came true in getting posted to S'ktoon. We got here Friday night but didn't get any leave. We just reported here at the station this afternoon and its really a big one. There are four courses on the station with sixty in each course. We have been talking to some boys in courses ahead of us. The ground school is tougher and there are more subjects to take. 25% wash out in each course so I've got to work hard so I wont' be in that bunch. As you probably know we are flying Cessna's here - the kind you usually see around home. There are a few Ansons here and there has been some talk of having nothing else on the station but them. We all hope that they get them in as they are a better ship.

They have the W.A.A.F.'s here - the first station I've been on with them. They were getting them in at Davidson the day we left.

I found dad up at the curling rink on Fri. I brought him back and introduced him to all of the boys (there were 10 of us came from Davidson. The rest are from P.A.)

Yesterday I was up to the army barracks for a while and at night I met Earnest and we had a great time together. I also met Joe Witt on the street.

We can only leave the station on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. The courses ahead of us have not been getting any 48's but the reason is that there has been such poor flying weather. I believe that I might get home a couple of times while I'm here if we have good weather.

Well mom I haven't much more to tell you now but will be able to tell you more in my next letter.

Your loving son,

P.S. Please tell me what to say to Mr. and Mrs. Case.

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