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Sun. afternoon

Dear Dad.

I suppose you are wondering why I haven't been writing you. I have really been getting around since I came to Brandon. Last Monday we found out that we were posted to Paulson - 90 miles North of Brandon. They gave us a three day leave and the most of us went in to Winnipeg and we certainly had a good time. A Blimey and I were eating dinner at the Airmens Club there and a hostess invited us for dinner on the following evening. She said she had a houseful of girls and we thought it must be some kind of a boarding house. When we went up on Wed. evening the girls were her two daughters and the best I've ever seen yet - boy were we surprised. Her husband was a squadron Leader - and M.O. at the recruiting centre. They also had a son who was killed six weeks after he joined the Air Force. There name was Cameron and asked us to come back again some time which I will certainly do. We also spent a lot of time at the new United Service centre, which you have probably heard about.

[the rest of the letter is missing]

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Original Scans