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Mon. evening

Dear Dad

I came over to G.I.S. to do a little studying but decided I would write you first. I also wrote Austin this afternoon. I was upstairs yesterday for 2 ½ hrs. - the first time since I came. It doesn't feel the same as before but it's a lot better than being on the ground. Three students go up at a time. All we do for the first two trips up is find the direction and speed of the wind on the bombsight. To do accurate bombing we have to have the direction and speed right to the degree and m.p.h. We will start our bombing practice anyday now and I imagine we will be going up every day after that. We have been doing a lot of bombing in the bombing teacher - I believe I explained to you what that was.

I went on sick parade this morning for the first time since I've been in the Air Force. I had a wonderful cold and I really felt miserable. I have to go three times a day for treatments.

I received the watch O.K. Dad. I'm enclosing eight bucks to pay for the watch and I also wish you would get something for Mother. I wasn't able to get anything for her on Mothers day as I was broke. I wrote and told her I would be sending her something later. I hope you don't mind doing this as I haven't the time nor the ability to do it.

The inspecting general for this command was inspecting the station last Thursday. Of course we had to have a big parade for him. We even had two rehearsals beforehand. He presented the station with an efficiency banner which is quite an honour for the station. The C.O. promised us all a four day leave around the end of May before hand. Of course that was so we would put on a good show.

You mentioned in your last letter that you weren't getting along so good with the army. I imagine its tough taking what we commonly call shit from a half cracked brass hat of a C.O. and I don't think you would if you all got together on it - but again that's probably impossible. You also mentioned of getting a discharge by swinging the lead. I suppose you could if you really worked for it but make sure you look before you leap. I've learned that if you want a certain privilege or something like that you could get it if you worked for it, and really sing the lead. If you want something better from the Army for gosh sakes get out and work for it.

Your loving son,

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