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I was in to town Saturday night with my friend Stohlberg. He was at the S.F.T.S. they have here for twelve weeks so he knows the town pretty good. His class got their wings last Thursday and he couldn't bear to go over and see them. I bought a new pair of pyjamas as my others were really worn out.

The inspecting general for this command was here on Wednesday. Of course we had to have a big parade for that and everything had to be cleaned up. We even had two rehersals before he came. He presented the station with an "efficiency penant" which is quite an honour. Before he came the C.O. promised us all a four day leave around the end of May. Of course that was so we would put on a good show. Dad sent me my watch which I have been without for 10 weeks. I was certainly glad to get. Tell Mother that it was quite all right for her buy the bond. You should be receiving that other one from Ottawa anytime. It may be a little late as they will have a lot to put out but if it doesn't arrive in the next three weeks or so I will see the acc'ts section about it. Well Austin that's all for now. Be sure and tell me how school is coming along and for gosh sakes don't get into so many fights.

Your loving Brother,

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