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Tues. evening

Dearest Mother.

Well Mom I got to W'pg. and am really in heaven. The station is perfect and we are all afraid that it's a dream and will have to wake up soon. It is owned and operated by civilians who are paid by the Air Force. I can't find words to describe the meals. To begin with we have white tablecloths and are waited on by girls. Each dinner is like a banquet. We can even have our choice for what we want. We have pie quite often that is practically the same as home made. They even force us to have a second and third piece. Naturally I can't walk after each meal. Everyone on the station treats us like guests. The ground crew are civilian and most of them girls.

We have just moved in to new barracks. They had to enlarge the station and moved it about a mile from the old one. Our course here is not so very hard. We moved it about a mile from the old one. Our course here is not so very ahrd. We graduate on Sep. 3rd so you can be expecting me home a few days later. Our subjects here are navigation, which is the most important, aerial photography, reconnaissance, aircraft rec., and wireless. I was up today on a three hour trip, practicing pin pointing which I already knew how to do from elementary and service. We were out west of Brandon and up around lake W'pg. We go up in crews - pilot, navigator, W.A.G. and Air bomber. Our job is to get all pinpoints and help the navigator as much as possible. They have four targets spread all over the country and we drop a bomb on each trip.

We arrived here on Sat. morning and they gave us till Monday off. Five of us went to Grand Beach for the weekend and had a wonderful time. It was quite hot and the place was really crowded.

Last night we went to the U.S.C. and I happened to bump into Johnny Holtz. He has been here for three months and is going back to Shilo next week. I saw in the paper tonight were four guys were killed in a plane crash at #7. We just got out of there in time. We don't know who they were yet but its probably someone we know.

Well mom I must sign off as I have to write to Dad. I haven't had a letter from him for seven weeks.

Love George.

R170071 L.A.G. Creswell G.E.
#5 A.O.S.

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