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Sun. Evening.

Dearest Mom,

Well Mom, it's all over and it's certainly a great relief. They have decided on what we are going to be but the break down for us doesn't come until next Wed., when I will find out whether I am over joyed with the news or otherwise. I at least have the satisfaction of saying that I never failed in any subjects which a lot of them can't say. I am at least happy at the though that I may be home a week from today - that is, if I can go to Wadena and I am expecting that verdict in your next letter.

It certainly seems funny to come into the room and sit down without starting to study. I got a book by Ellery Queen from the library and am reading that.

Another fellow and myself went out to eh A.O.S. this afternoon in the hopes of getting up. We first went to the American base but couldn't get in there. We then went to the A.O.S. and weren't admitted there unless there was someone we knew. I happened to think of Wop May and the cop at the gate said he was the big cheese around there and that I would need an appointment to see him. While we were standing there Wop drove in. The cop let us go in to the canteen to see if I could see him. When I came back to the gate Wop had gone out. However, I am going to try and get an afternoon off next week and then go out.

I got around to seeing Flt. Lieu. Patterson. He was never in his office but is around the canteen.

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