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Saskatoon, Sun. p.m.

Dear Mom,

It's 1:30 here mom and I have a date with Dad to go to Aunt Gerties at 4. I hope she has a good supper and no doubt she will.

Last Friday I called up Dad to go to the hockey game but he was taking Lillian Boyes so I got Earnest to go. We met dad and Lillian and had lunch in the service club afterwards. Dad also tried to get Betty but she was sick. Dad showed us the pictures you sent him and they're really good-I would certainly like some of the same if you could send them. Earnest and I also saw Derrick and George G. on the street and Jean Berg and the Prouse girl. I have not seen Betty or Bob as yet but expect to in the near future.

I was at a military funeral last Friday afternoon. An auzzie pilot officer was killed at the coast in a plane accident and they brought him back here to be buried. He just graduated from here at Xmas. I was part of the attending party. They took us downtown in trucks and we had to do the slow march for six blocks. We then went out to the cemetery and watched the rest of the proceedings.

I haven't been doing so much flying this past week. My instructor will be back in another week which will make things a bit easier. I solo'd in a Crane last Wed. but didn't get the same thrill as at elementary. They have another field out at Vanscoy and we go out there to do the first of our solo flying. We got the day off today and its really a treat - especially to sleep in till noon. I am getting to like the Crane better each time I go up. The instructors seem more civil too.

I doubt very much if I will be able to get home while here Mother as a 48 will probably be the most I will ever get and I would have to be back on the Monday morning - that wouldn't even work if I could get to Wadena. If you ever get the chance to come in here please come. I must close now. I have been trying to listen to Churchill's speech and write at the same time.

All my love,

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