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Sun. P.M.

Dear Mother,

I am very tired tonight as we have been flying all day, also all last week. I have 25 hours in Cranes now so am one sixth to the destination. I was on a cross-country last Thurs. up to Birch Hills, down to Young and back here. There are five more solo cross countries after that.

Well Mom that's as far as I got last night. I was so tired. I had to go to bed so am continuing it tonight. We are writing our fourth week exams now. We wrote Met. and Signals today. Our signals here also consists of theory. We have to learn about the different kinds of radio sets and what not. My instructor is back now so I won't have any trouble getting in my hours. I'll get my wings sometime around the end of June. That is if I'm here to the end. Each time I go solo I flyover the exhibition grounds and gun my motors. The city looks very small from the air - also very dirty with smoke rising from it. I received the letter you forwarded to me from Eilleen. I have not answered it yet nor have I wrote Aunt Catherine or Laura since Xmas. I expect to do that after exams. I wrote Uncle Austin while at 23 but must do it again.

Earnest and I were going out with Betty and Tatiana last Sat. night but his dad came in from the coast and we didn't go. Dad and I went over and visited bob Graham for a while. We were on our way to a show and met Wreny Guilbault. As we were entering the theatre we met Lousie and Tatiana coming out. Bob says that Tommy Beaton went to Winnipeg. Earny and I are expecting to go out with Betty and Tatiana next Sat. night.

I showed Ted's letter to Dad. I see his picture practically every day. They have a picture of each of the courses over in G.I.S.

I took my watch in to be fixed the first day I came from Davidson. The top had come off and also the big hand. I went back Sat. to get it and they said it would need cleaning and wouldn't' be ready for six weeks. I don't doubt it at all as the top came off a good deal. Must close now. Hope you have better luck with Sam Hall's eggs.

Loads of love,

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