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Sun. evening

Well here I am still in Halifax but not for much longer. We are going down to Boston tomorrow or the next day and I'll be seeing Milton. We really have it easy here. I even sleep till noon practically every day - I haven't had breakfast here yet. I was up in the low pressure chamber twice - practically the same as at I.T.S. The first time we went up to 25,000 and had to take our oxygen masks off for ten minutes. It was just to show us the effects of high altitude flying. Quite a few passed out. The next time we went up to 35,000 and had to stay there for an hour. I got the bends after 45 minutes - they are practically the same as cramps and are very painful. I also had to have another night vision check - they didn't have any record of the checks that I did at W'pg. I was lucky though and passed. If I hadn't I would have had to stay in Canada and be on one of the coasts. I have met a lot of my friends here that I knew in my course of travels through the air force. You probably heard Dad mention Sandy who was at Elementary and Service with me. He just came here from a course he had at Summerside. We had been out together a couple of times. Also an instructor that I flew a great deal with at Davidson and many others that I knew at manning pool and I.T.S.

Walter got here two days late and didn't get a thing for it. He also got his commission. When I was at home I could have wired in for another weeks leave and got it.

I haven't received any mail from you yet but hope to before I leave. I'll have my photo taken when I get over there. Am enclosing a photo of Walt and myself which we had taken uptown. Mother I have signed over $80 a month to you. You should start receiving it around the end of October. I think I'll be sending you the $5 which I owe you before I leave. Am sending home a little kitbag of things that I didn't have to turn in. You may find some use for them.

Another friend of mine, Locke, who is from Estevan, and myself went down to the dockyard. He has a friend in the navy who was working on a destroyer that was docked there. He showed us all through the ship which was very interesting. Mart Kenny is playing here tonight which we are hoping to go to.

Well mom I guess that's that for now.

Your loving son,

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