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Sun. P.M.

Dearest Mother,

Well now I have traveled a good many miles since I saw you last. I will start from the beginning and tell you everything. First I met my chum at Kamsack and we had an eventless trip into Winnipeg. I checked my bags into Halifax, had breakfast, and then we got a room. By luck we met two more of our guys that were also there. We then went shopping and I got a raincoat-which set me back 30 bucks. Also another uniform and other small articles. I still have to get underwear, rubbers etc. here in Halifax. In the P.M. we went up to the A.O.S. and on the way back I called into Dorothy's. Fred was not at home. We had lunch and I left around 5. You must write to her at times as she is expecting you too. Our train left at 7:30. There were ten of us who came down together. I didn't see any sign of Stohlberg and he won't get here until tomorrow night. There are about four of our guys who are also late. Our trip was very nice but a bit tiresome. The scenery was much different than Sask. and very nice at times. There are certainly a lot of lakes and trees in Ontario. We even passed a concentration camp where they kept German prisoners. We changed trains at Sudbury and had an hour there to walk around. We also stopped at Montreal for two hours and when we left we could practically speak the language. We got to St. John's at 7 on Sat. morning and took the boat across to Digby which was a three hour trip. I had my first glimpse of the sea and of some really big ships. We got into Halifax at 7 P.M. and there were trucks there ready to bring us to depot. We were given our rooms and what not and then after getting cleaned up, went into town for supper. In any café, at any time of the day you have to wait anywhere from a half to an hour before you can sit down, but it's a very good meal and you also pay for it. We then had a look around the city and all you can see is sailors. You seldom meet a civilian on the street.

We were supposed to be on parade this morning at 8:30 but the guys in our room slept till 11. However, they didn't do anything important. They say we are kept busy for the first two days and we then have the rest of the time to ourselves. We have to go in the decompression chamber again, hand in our old clothes to stores etc. We also went uptown for dinner and then went across the Dartmouth on the ferry. This city is built on hills and you're climbing or going down a hill all the time. We came back to barracks and I had my first meal in the officers mess. There is also our lounge room, pool tables etc. in the same building all of which is very nice.

Well now I believe I have told you all the news and the guy who owns this pen wants it now. All of my stuff is in my suitcase and it hasn't got here yet.

All my love,

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