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Fri. evening

Dear Dad.

I have just finished supper and I thought I had better write to you before I started studying. Our work is really getting tough, especially nav. We write three exams next week, two of them finals. I've only been uptown once and that was over to no. "3" to see Jim Clark. I'm going up tomorrow P.M. though as there is some things I have to get.

My roommate got a Xmas cake (full of fruit) yesterday and did we ever have a real feed after lights out. He's expecting a chicken from home next week and that means another good feed. Last Tuesday night there was a burlesque show here at no. "4". It's put on by Jimmy McFarlen. Its just the same as the dumbbells in the last war. I wish you could have seen it. I just sat there for two hours and laughed my sides out.

I hope mother sent you my letter that I wrote last Sun. as it had all the news in it. Practically the same thing happens here every day now as we are completely settled down. I have had four lessons in the link trainer and I only have one more because the machine is so very sensitive it moves to the least touch that you give it. Well dad that's all for now. Time goes very fast when I'm studying so I had better get started. I'll write mother Sun. and I hope I will have more to say in it. I'll also remind her to forward it to you. George.

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