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Sat P.M.

Dear Mother,

I have just received a letter from Marilyn telling me you had stomach flu. I am very sorry to hear this and hope you will be up and around soon. I suppose Grandma would be over while your in bed.

I am very short of news Mother as the same things go on every day. This weekend the blue guard has to work Fri., Sat., and Sun., as the red guard is on their 48. I was on the 5 o'clock shift yesterday which meant that I didn't get to bed until 3 A.M. Tonight I am on the 7 o'clock shift so I won't get to be until 5 A.M. Tomorrow night will be the same as last night. Next week I only work two days and they will both be day shifts. My 48 is next weekend and I'm going to write our O.C. and try and get a 96. I will explain to him that I never got any leave after I finished my training and that my dad, who is in the army, is being moved down East and is coming home on leave which will be his last for quite awhile. I doubt very much if it works but if it does I will be home. I will at least get into S'ktoon if it doesn't.

I am sending a couple of Airmen home which we get every week. Also a picture of the front gate. I am going to try and send some more pictures home and I would like you to keep them for me. I will get an R.C.A.F. album to bring it home with me at Xmas or some time.

Well mom that's about all for now. I haven't been uptown for six days but expect to next Mon. and take in a show and a good meal. Hoping that you will be better soon.

Your loving son,

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