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Tues. Evening

Dear Mom,

I was very glad to hear you had recovered from your illness. It must be pretty tough to be like that when you're the only one at the head of the household. I'm very glad that this passed weekend is over. I was really tired after working Fri., Sat., & Sun nights. I go on duty tomorrow at 5 in the morning and get off at 3 P.M.

Last night another chap from Vancouver, and myself went roller skating. As it is quite different from ice skating I had quite a time getting on to it, but after one spill I finally got better until I mastered the art. After that we went to the American Dairy Lunch - one of these places where you serve yourself, and had a wonderful time on pie, cake, and ice cream - oh boy.

I had a letter from Aunt Catherine yesterday telling me Jack Palmer had sprained his ankle. I was up to reception wing twice to see him and although I found his bunk he was not there. He may be in the hospital and I'm going over there to see if he is after I finish this leter. Aunt Catherine also sent me a pair of dark blue knitted socks with my initials on them in orange, along with three pkges. Of gum and two choc . bars. It was certainly good to receive them and very thoughtfull on her part. I'm going to write her tomorrow night as it is my night off and I won't be doing anything. I have not been receiving any Kel. Radios, have you been sending them. I also wish you would send me the book called "Aircraft recognition". I believe I left it on my desk upstairs. It will help me very much on my studies here.

On Sat. there was a very bad case of dysentery amongst the security guard. We had got it from some spoiled meat that we had on our late meal. It was really comical to see someone jump up from their bunk and streak to the toilet.

Well mom that's about all for now. As I have to get up at four tomorrow morning I'm going to bed at 8.30. I'm really looking forward to going into S'ktoon next Fri. night.

Your loving son,

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