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Mon. Evening

Dear Mom

This is just going to be a short note Mother as I can't think of much to say. There was quite a gala of events here today, celebrating Arbor day. We all had this P.M. off and the station was open to the public. There was the band, gymnastics, tumblers and a series of horse events. Also the precision squadron took part, and all was very interesting. I received your Fri. nights letter today and you asked what the precision squad was. You can go into it when you first come into training wing but I didn't go into it because they usually stay here three months. All you do is drill including rifles. Your movements have to be well timed and exact. They also go to day classes & take math etc. I am not worried about that because I will also have classes while doing tarmac duty after I am posted from here. You also asked if Jack Lloyd was from P.A. He has gone to Varsity for the past 3 yrs. It's Jim Clark who is from P.A. and has just taken the mumps and as his bunk is just across from I will probably be quarantined in another ten days, if I'm still here. I wrote his mother of the fact.

Yesterday two other boys from the flight I am in now went to the park. It seems strange but the park is just across the fence - about 30 feet from where I am now and yesterday was the first time I was there. We saw a great assortment of birds and animals including bears, monkeys, deer, buffalo, monkeys etc. We also went across high level bridge in a street car, and it's a great high. You really would think you were in a plane as the people look like flies when you look down. I'm not quite sure if I'm going to get home yet Mother but if I do it will be some time at the end of this week. We are having our drill test tomorrow and I will have then passed one of many stages in the air Force. I'm going to polish my buttons & boots, have a shower and then go to bed, so adios,


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