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Sun. Afternoon

Dear Mom,

Well its three days since I have been out of the hospital and I'm feeling fine. I don't believe I will have a relapse now. After lying in bed for two weeks I got quite soft and I'm quite stiff in the legs after doing two full day's drill. We are being issued with rifles tomorrow and after a weeks drill with them we will have a drill test given by the C.O. we are then put into disposal wing and do fatigue duty until we are posted out. I will probably be posted out with the same bunch of lads I came in with and I really hope so, because there real friends. There are just a couple of boys in the flight I am in now that I have made friends with. The rest seem to be goody-goodies. We get a four day leave after we have our drill test and its quite possible I may get home, which would be about ten days from now. As tomorrow is pay day, and would be my last one before our drill test, and my ticket is around $14.00, I might have to borrow some from you if you see what I mean. However I will let you know more on the subject later on although I could save money for my ticket from the money I get tomorrow which will be $20.00, and probably get home close to being broke. Do not bank too much on this as you can never tell what will happen in the Air Force. It's not as easy to save money here as I though it would be. It's the small little things that you have to buy that counts up. The most expensive thing I bought was my oxfords which were $7.00 and I also bought a razor for $1.00. They were both really good buys. I also bought bars, pop and ice cream while I was in the hospital. While I was in the hospital there were ladies coming around practically every night, such as the Air Force Mothers etc. They would bring us mag. etc.

Last night one of my chums (Jim Clark) and myself went to a dance and had a very nice time. It was 1 o'clock this morning when we got to bed and as I had to get up at 6.30 I was very tired. After breakfast I slept till noon as we are allowed to do that. I am still tired so I will be going to bed early tonight. There is a free show here every Sun & Tues. night so I will be going to that tonight. I am going to write Earnest and Bob Graham after this so I will say adios.

Your loving son,

P.S. I saw Harry Head the day I got out of the hospital and he left yesterday for I.T.S. in Regina. I see Jim Hoskins quite often. He joined the precision squad and that's what Harry was in so he will probably be here for quite a while.

Please send me the Kel. Radio as I would like to read it even if there isn't any news in it when your at home.

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