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Wed. evening

Dear mom,

I'm writing this letter from the Y.M.C.A. building. It's upstairs from the canteen and our mess hall, and there are quite a few of us writing letters, playing games etc. So far I haven't found much to complain about although we have to do a terrible lot of waiting here and there. Our meals are the very best but we have to march a long ways to get them. The longer we stay here the more privileges we get, such as eating before the men who come after us (there is a terrible lot of men eating at the same time and you have to be in line and gradually move up).

Eleven of us came up on the train from Saskatoon and we didn't do much sleeping. We arrived at 7:25 and had to phone them to come and get us as they were unaware of us coming. We came to the depot at 9:00. It took us till 4 P.M. in having us filed and given all our uniforms. We are given a complete winter uniform, 2 summer uniforms, 3 pair of socks and I could fill the next page telling you the rest of the articles. Lights go out at eleven and we get up at 6:30. We run on the same time as Kelvington. This morning we were all inspected by the dentist with a talk on how to brush your teeth correctly, teeth diseases etc. After that we started our drill. A Corporal is teaching our squad (33 men) all the maneuvers there is to the commands. It's very hot here and doing the drill is not very pleasant. We sent our clothers home today and mom would you look inside coat pocket and you will find a card I bought at the station. We have many conveniences here such as showers, closed in toilets and lots of wash sinks. I had a shower before I went to bed last night and from now on I will be having one every night.

We have quite a time learning each others names. The fellow that bunks below me is Jack Lloyed and across from me is Jim Clark from P.A. We are all good friends and so far I have not run across any smart alecs. It was too bad that Gordon didn't get in although if he had he would have gone to Brandon. He was trying to get in as a wireless air gunner and they would only take him as a st. air gunner and he wouldn't do it.

We cannot go uptown till after 8 days you get here. After that we can get what they call a double - a pass that is good for each night till 10:30. Too many recruits have been coming in lately and that's what causes the long waiting. They are coming in every day. Where you see blot marks on the page it is where sweat has dropped from me on to the page I am so hot.

Well now we have to go and get one of the many inoculations and I certainly hope it works the first time. I haven't written anybody but you, so I must try and write Dad tomorrow. We have lots of things to do and I will be very glad when we are settled down.

Your loving son,

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