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Date: May 19th 1944
Mother & Father

May 19/44

Dear Folks.

Well I'm at my new station now and its not too bad at all although its not easy to get back to work after 17 days leave. I certainly had a wonderfull time in Scotland. While in Glasgow our crew went up to Loch Lamond and I've never seen such a beautifull place in all my life. We climbed up one of the big hills which took us three hrs. Everything is covered with heather and I can easy see why everyone likes Scotland so much.

We went over to Edinburgh for a day and it is the cleanest and prettiest city I have seen over here yet. On the main St., Princess St., there are all the shops on one side and the castle, which is on top of a very large hill, is on the other, with a park just below it. The castle is used as a museum and a billet for soldiers but we could'nt get in that day. We then walked the "Royal Mile," which you have probably heard of, down to the palace. We saw the house were John Knox lived and could have got in there but did'nt have enough time. We walked around in the grounds of the palace which is surrounded by mountains. As you probably know the city is built on seven mountains. The next time I go back it will be to Edinburgh as there are a lot of things I want to see and try and get some pictures of. We then went back to Glasgow were we spent a couple of days before coming here. Stew got up to Ayr and saw the country of Robbie Burns but I'll have to see that next time.

When I got back here there were some letters from you and Austin. Also 300 cigs. which just arrived in time. I'm in Yorkshire now and surrounded by hills so the weather is typical. I've been here five days and to-day was the first day I saw the sun. We are living in nissen huts again (reminds me of Wigtown) and am rooming with Stew and three chums that I've been with most of the time over here. Sandy Hayes is one if you remember me telling of him. Wally is at another station four miles from here so will be seeing him frequently. He had to take a weeks army course which is mostly P.T. Thank goodness our crew missed it.

I had a letter to-day from Uncle Austin and as you probably know he has moved to Tacoma Wash. How did the operation on his hand turn out - he did'nt mention it.

Well folks I'm hungry so must leave you now. Will tell you more about this station in my next letter. We will here about four weeks before going on a Squadron so am anxiously looking forward to the next few months.



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