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Date: May 12th 1944

May 12/ 44

Dear Mother

Well I'm in Glasgow now and am certainly having a wonderfull time. While at Mrs. Hawksworth's we went in to manchester and saw her daughter Ann, who came home with us. She is in the army and a very fine girl. We were in manchester for the day and went out to a kind of a circus. A very nice time was had by all. Mrs. Hawkswoth showed us a very old cathedral which had been heavily bombed. There was a big Home Guard parade the next day in which they wanted Wally & myself to take part in. We had quite a time getting out of that one. We had some pictures taken so hope they turn out O.K. so I can forward them on to you. Mother I do wish you would send a parcel to Mrs. Hawksworth - she likes chocolates very much. If its anything too expensive take it out of my account. They are so good to me I want to give them something.

Well I met Stew allright in Glasgow here and we are staying with his girl friend (in Canada) Aunt. She is 73 and can really cook. You will be getting a letter from her. She lives all alone and is a grand old lady - we call her "Aunt Molly". The first night here we went to a comic opera. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good as I naturally couldn't understand what they said. Yesterday afternoon Stew and myself went to the Arts and Science building and saw how Scotland has lived in the past centuries. It was all historic and most interesting. All my history comes back to me now about the knights, famous battles and what not. Aunt Molly is quite talkative and knows the history of Scotland perfect. I find her very interesting. I really like the way people talk here. I'm even getting a bit of an accent myself.

Harry and Paul just phoned up and are staying someplace downtown. They just arrived from Edinburgh were our two gunners are. I guess we will be getting together very soon now. This is a day later. The four of us got together O.K. and went skating just outside of here - a place called Paisley. We had to rent the skates and they were so bad I could only make one round. There are a terrible amount of Poles and Jews around here - quite a mixture. Well mom we are going to a dance to-night so will sign off for now.

Love to everyone


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