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Date: May 5th 1944

May 5, 1944

Dear Mother,

Wally and myself are writing from Mrs. Hawksworth were we just arrived last night. However, I'll start from the beginning and tell you what I've been doing the past few days. Stew and myself what to Birmingham for the first three days of our leave, and of course - as before, we had a very nice time. We met the same two ladies there as I told you about before. They were very interested in us and wanted to write to you so I gave them your address. One had a son in the navy and had visited Canada quite often and was welcomed there. Please write to them when you get there letter as it will please them very much. Wally was staying in the same hotel but was leaving for Edinburgh that night so we agreed to meet here to-day.

Stew and I went up to York yesterday morning and left all our luggage there. Our new camp is not so very far from there. Stew went on to Glasgow and I'll be getting there on the 9th were our whole crew will be meeting-what a time we will be having together.

I arrived here late last night at 7 and Wally had arrived about an hour before. They were certainly glad to see us. Last night Mr. Hawksworth took us down to their Home Guard unit. I believe he rather likes showing us off. I cant impress on you too much how wonderfull they are to us. Of course we had our breakfast in bed as usual - we retaliated though by making our beds-as we did before. This morning we went down to Mr. Hawksworth's dentist shop so we found out how false teeth are made.

Ann, their daughter who is in the army, is coming home tomorrow for the weekend. She is very anxious to meet the "Canadian gentlemen". I do hope you will write Mrs. Hawksworth again and Marilyn I wish you would send a box of chocolates to Judy. You'll never know how much they appreciate it. I haven't received those stockings you sent yet. Tonight Judy is taking us to the show. Boy the country is really beautiful around here now. Everything is in bloom although it did rain this morning, but thats typical.

Well folks I must be off for now. Will write when I get up to Scotland. It should be around mothers day when you receive this so mother I send you all my special love and let me remind you once again that no Mother could ever be so wonderfull as you.

So long for now


P.S. I gave the two ladies in Birmingham the two pictures of you pinning my wing on. They thought they were wonderfull. Please send me another picture in your next letter.


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