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Date: March 20th 1944

Mar. 20/44

Dear Austin

I received your most interesting letter the other day telling of your experiences out at Earl's. I'm sure you had a wonderful time out there as I remember I did-especially riding the horses through the wide open spaces. I also go the watch yesterday which I really wanted. I feel half undressed without it. Mother I like it very much and you did a grand job of picking it out. Today I got Mother's parcel with the toothbrush on it. I also received 300 cigs. from Laura which by the way, I had just run out of. I lent our wireless operator 100 as he was out. Between the cigs I use myself and the ones I give away I use 500 a month. Some of the boys over here aren't as lucky as myself and are out of cigs. quite a bit of the time.

I got three of Mother's ordinary letters a few days back. In one letter you hinted that I wouldn't enjoy your parcels because we are getting such good food here. You'll never know how much I enjoy getting the parcels (and so do the crew) and letters from you. Well the meals here have gone for a slump and I really mean down. You see flying weather is much better here now as summer is drawing near, so they have enlarged the courses a great deal, hence more officers in the mess and the meals are much poorer. You mentioned that some things may be spoiled but I haven't received a thing yet that was so. Your cakes are just like they have been taken out of the oven and the chicken Edna sent-well I just can't describe that. Anyway, everything is okee dokee all around.

Well I have finally seen Milton, but only for a short while. He got some leave and came here to visit me. He arrived here about 5 p.m. so we went in to a town close by here and had supper and talked for the rest of the evening. He hasn't changed a bit-identically the same in every way. We were together till 11 p.m. and he left next morning.

I'm just listening to Foster Hewitt on the radio, talking about the hockey situation. We get quite a few Canadian programs over here and it's really good to hear them.

We have had a bit of tough luck with our crew. Our navigator has gone to the hospital and will apparently be there quite a while. We got a sergeant navigator in his place and seems like a good egg. Step (or wireless op.) and myself are the only ones with commissions now. In the delay, we got behind in our flying and were set back a course. Walt and I won't get our leave together now so I guess we will be separated after we are finished here. He was over here yesterday and is getting along o.k. in everything.

We got yesterday afternoon off and went in to Stratford for supper etc. It gets very tiresome when we are on the station for a long time and is really good to get off now and then.

Well Austin I guess that's about all for now. I'm going to have my monthly bath and wash my hair tonight. It's beginning to get a bit warmer out so will soon be changing it to every two weeks. Spring must be just around the corner and I have seen crocuses blooming around. Will be waiting anxiously for your next letter.

Love to everyone,

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