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Date: March 13th 1944
Mother & Folks

Mon. March 13/44

Dear Mother and folks,

I just have time to get a letter away to you before dinner. We have been flying all morning but started to rain so we had to come down. We certainly have a bang on crew. When we are up there everything goes off as smooth as ever, and you really feel like working together. As you probably know it's cooperation that counts from now on. We are doing five and six cross countries, so we really get around this little island.

I got quite a surprise the other day when I saw bob Scofield in the mess. He has been posted here as an instructer. He has finished a tour of ops-27 trips. Imagine the agony I went through as I heard about every op in detail. Yes, he can sling it as much as ever. And of course there was Wales and his wife. I know more about them now than he does. However I was very glad to see him as it's nice to see somebody from home.

I received your Valentine parcel a couple of days ago and what a honey it was. You'll never know the craving I had for some good food and the feeling I had as I undid each parcel-everything was perfect, so thanks a million. I suppose I'll have crew cooperation on that cake and cookies. I also received 300 cigs from the legion and believe me they came just in time. I'll be writing Mr. Millar about them. I also got a letter from Aunt Laura and Vernon which I must answer right away. I have been going to the dentist for treatment lately. My gums are quite sore and bleed occasionally. Part of the gum is covering some teeth so he has to cut it away-I shiver to think of it.

We had our crew pictures taken but they turned out very poorly so will be sending you some others. Our navigator has a camera and some film so it will be busy from now on. Something new has been added to our flying here. All our flying is done very high so we use oxygen each time we go up. A nuisance but a great help. You will probably wonder why I don't say more about what we do here. There are hundreds of things that are very interesting but can't be told so will just have to wait for a while. Walt and the boys were over here the other day for a while. They have to come here to do certain exercises as they haven't the facilities over there.

Well my dears, that's all for now.

My love to everyone,

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