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Date: June 11th 1944

June 11/44

Dear Mother.

Its just 5 P.M. and I have just got up, so must get a few lines away to you before supper. I'm on the old grave yard shift again, work at night and sleep by day. It gets very tiresome but right now its really worth living for.

I haven't been getting much news from home lately, but neither have the other boys - probably held up by the invasion. I received your parcel with the stockings in it and sent them on to Mrs. Hawksworth, also 300 cigs. Also a parcel from Mrs. Milley - boy we have some great feeds in the morning at about 5 o'clock. I also received a cake, with icing on, from Mrs. Hawksworth. She is certainly wonderfull.

I have just come back from supper and it was pretty good - Lettuce, two pieces of sliced tomatoe - my first over here, and some onions and radish. Fresh vegetables are our craving right now. I can see it beginning to get dark out so wonder if we fly to night. one thing thats a very pretty sight is seeing the sunrise at 3 o'clock in the morning at 20,000 ft. - makes the night seem very short.

Do you know were Milton is. I wrote him about four weeks ago and haven't had a reply so he must have moved. I had another letter from Marion Lyne - doing very well, working in an Aircraft factory.

Well folks this seems very short but must be off for now.

Love to all


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