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Date: July 20th 1944
ES Lautenslager S/L

July 20. 44
432 Squadron

Dear Mrs Cresswell:

Your son George has suffered a slight wound. He told me today that he hadnt felt equal to writing you yet. Thinking that you might wonder why his regular letters werent coming, I thot it wise to write you. Dont be alarmed. Its not serious.

In a raid on an oil plant in the Ruhr on Tuesday night a small piece of shrapnel came up thru the plane. A bit hit him in the knee. His parachute also caught fire. He put the fire out and got back safely to base. He wasnt in much pain. I saw him when he returned and he said he didnt know that he was hit until he felt a little warm blood on his leg. He is in hospital near York. They took a little bit of steel out of his knee yesterday. They see no reason why there should be any permanent injury. He seemed to feel quite alright when he returned from the raid - was very cheerful. Today however he feels sickish from the ether.

He is being well cared for. Next bed to him is another officer from our squadron who has a broken arm resulting from a motorcycle accident. So he has company. His crew go to see him regularly and Ill be seeing him too.

This little accident will put him out of real danger for some weeks! So you can entertain a greater peace of mind then if it hadn't happened! You have much reason to be thankful that he came thru so fortunately. A little on one side or the other it might have been more serious.

You have a fine boy Mrs Cresswell. We all think a great deal of him. Be very proud of him - and dont be anxious.

Yours faithfully

ES Lautenslager S/L
(George's padre)

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