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Date: July 2nd 1944

July 2/44

Dear Mother.

I received three letters from you yesterday - the first mail I've had from Canada for three weeks so was certainly glad to get it. You seemed quite worried about the parcel with the silk stockings in. Yes it got here O.K. as I believe I told you in one of my previous letters. I also got my birthday parcel from you and the 1000 cigs. from Grandma so will be writing her one of these days. Everything in you parcel was wonderfull as usual. I have'nt tasted the maple syrup yet but can imagine what it will be like. Was certainly glad you sent the pyjamas as my other pair was just about done.

I received a dozen handkerchiefs from Mrs. Hawksworth the other day in answer to the stockings I sent on to her. She said they were the first good pair she's had since the war began and they fit swell. You will be hearing from her again. So glad to hear you were sending them some choc. They will certainly appreciate them.

I dont know if I told you in my last letter that Wally and quite a few of the old boys were here on the same squadron as myself. Wally was away for about four days. They had to land in southern Eng. after coming back from a do. We were in town (york) together last night. Met some English boys that we trained with in Canada.

The weather around here has been terrible lately. Its been raining practically all the time for the past five days. The air is very sticky and seems to take all the pep out of everybody. By the way, I'm getting lots of sleep here - on the average 11 hrs a night. I dont get up until noon whether I've been flying the nigh before or not. Boy is it ever lovely. When we fly we dont get to bed till about seven. I just make it for supper then. I believe their going to start giving us lectures so it might all end.

I dont know how I'm going to scrape up enough news to fill these forms within the next few months. We do so much and yet cant say anything about. We had a "shaky do" the other night but our gunners handled the situation very nicely - bless em.

Well folks thats that for now am anxiously looking forward to our weeks leave which starts in another nine days

Love to all


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