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Date: February 14th 1945
Grandma & Grandpa

Feb. 14/45

Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

First I must apologize for not writing a great deal sooner, but as you probably know I follow my father in that respect. Have just received a carton of cigs. from you and also got one from you just after Xmas. Many many thanks as that is the one thing I hate being without over here. I certainly appreciate it a lot.

Things have been very quiet around here lately for me. I have not flown for a month and am getting pretty sick of staying on the ground all the time. I have had two weeks of leave in the past month. The first one I went to London-you probably heard all about that one from Edna as I wrote and told her about it. When I returned to the quadroon I got in one trip and then got into a permanent crew-which I am very pleased about. The skippers name is Frank Baxter. His bomb aimer had been killed and his navigator wounded so all we need now is a navigator and we're rarin' to go again. We got another weeks' leave, three days of which we spent in London visiting some friends. We also visited his navigator who is in hospital down there.

We then spent the rest of our leave in Scarborough. It's a summer resort just an hrs. ride from here. When we returned to the squadron, Frank got the flu and had to go into dock. I believe he's coming out tomorrow though, so we shall be able to get airborne again and fool around upstairs until we get a navigator. I really hope we get one soon or the blinkin' war will be over before we get a tour in.

Have not had a chance to see Pauline yet but should be able to scrounge a 48 in the near future and do so.

I was in York about a week ago and ran into Wayne Maynes and Lawrence Ford. Both have finished their tours. Lawrence is getting married on the 23rd of this month to a girl from York. I just had a letter from Wayne today, he is stationed about 8 miles from here, saying he had to take an instructor's course, which he wasn't very keen on doing. I think we should be seeing quite a bit of each other when he returns, if he stays over here.

Well Folks I guess that's all for now. If old Joe keeps up the good work I should be seeing you all pretty soon.

Loads of love,

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