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Date: February 10th 1945

Feb. 10/45

Dear Mother,

I'm back in my room after spending a week's leave with my new skipper, Frank Baxter. We spent the night before going on leave in York, and I ran into Wayne Maynes and Lawrence Ford. Wayne has finished his tour on a squadron just a few miles from here. I'm going to give him a ring one of these days, and we'll meet in York. Lawrence is instructing on a station also just a few miles from here. He is getting married on the 23rd of this month to a girl from York.

We then went down to London were we spent three days. Then went to a place called Colchester and visited his former navigator in a Canadian General Hospital there. He is coming along very nicely but it will be quite a few months before he walks again. We spent that evening in London and then came up to Scarborough, were we stayed for the rest of our leave. Today Frank got the flu and had to go in dock for a few days. I don't believe I mentioned before that he was in the same course as I in Saskatoon, but in a different flight, so I never met him.

I had a letter from Mrs. Hawksworth today who had had a note from Wally. He is quite O.K. and speaks as if he's satisfied with things there-getting 12 hours sleep a day he says. Also received a carton of cigarettes from Grandma.

We have not got a navigator yet and am getting pretty impatient. I'm supposed to fly a cross country tomorrow with another crew. It will sure feel good to get airborne again.

The weather is a bit nicer but still have to keep my John L's on. Guess this is all for now. Am slipping up to the mess for a snack before hitting the pit.

Love to all,

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