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Date: February 6th 1945

Feb. 6, 1945

My Dear One -

Your Dad received your letter last Friday and so sorry to hear you were suffering with the cold. Paul made the remark that ¼ of living or the pleasure of living I think he meant was derived from good food and ¼ from warmth or being comfortable. When I told Maidra that George had been to London she said, "Did he see the pussycat?" I had told her the rhyme "Pussy-cat Pussy-cat where have you been."

The Bonspiel started today. There are 19 outside rinks competing. Three are from Kelvington. Your Dad won his first game 16-5 this morning. He pays his second game at eleven tonight. Clarence is here from K. with Blosser Tallon and J. Fenton.

Today was Austin's birthday but he didn't have a party. Just a cake with 10 candles. He was also examined by the school nurse this afternoon and she told him he was a very healthy specimen and he certainly is. His great ambition right now is to get a pony.

My Darling, we didn't need to use your money and how thankful I was that everything has just seemed to work out O.K. You see we have paid out a great deal of money this Fall in fixing the buildings and the cost of labor and material has gone up about 100%. However, chick orders started coming in with so many cash deposits I feel quite sure we will manage nicely. This trust account of yours I hold is very sacred to me. There is $641.00 in cash and I think $550.00 in war bonds so that is about $1200.00 so far. I want to turn it over to you intact.

I had a card and note and snap from Mrs. Warwick. It is very good of you. I received a calendar of Scottish scenes from Aunt Molly but have never written to acknowledge it. I believe your big sister is going to be quite a singer. Her music teacher has invited us over for tea on Fri. and Marilyn is to sing two songs. She is also going to sing a solo in Church.

You speak of wishing to study History again. That is my favorite subject and I would like nothing better than to prepare a text book for children and would I make it interesting. I remember helping you with History in Grade XI and I couldn't help but think how dull and uninteresting it was when it could be made so alive. So hen I reach my age of leisure, that is how I would like to spend my time. I must close now my Dear one as I am yawning one yawn after another. I washed today and got terribly chilled hanging out the clothes. Your new cousin expects to live at the home of Clarence Elliott's next summer. Is that a surprise? We all send our love-Mother. Do you hear from Walter and are you able to write to him? Was Mrs. H. sick?

P.S. Do nuts grow in England? I mean the variety that grow on trees? Do you get dates or oranges? We haven't had dates for two years but are promised some for this month. Is soap, toothpaste etc. scarce?

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