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Date: February 1st 1945
Mother & Father

Feb. 1/45

Dear Folks,

I've just got a few minutes before going on another week's leave, so must dash off a few lines to you. I have been back on the squadron for only a week since my last leave, so shall explain-and I'm very happy about the whole thing. I've got crewed up again for the rest of my tour. The crew I'm now with have also had some hairy trips. On their last one the bomb aimer was killed and the navigator was wounded, so all we have to do now is pick up a navigator and we're raring to go. I'm really glad I'm crewed up again as I was getting pretty tired of just hanging around, and flying the odd trip. They have the same number of trips as I, so everything is perfect. While we are waiting for a navigator they are sending us off on a week's leave. Frank Baxter, the skipper, and myself went up to Scarborough the other day, and spent the night there. It's a summer resort, and are going to spend this leave there also, but first am going down to London to visit his navigator, who is in hospital there. He had his foot taken off. The rest of the crew are canucks except the engineer, who is an Irishman. Frank is also a P/O, all the rest are N.C.O.'s.

We were surprised today to have all the snow melt-it's raining out so it will probably be snowing again any time. I had a letter from Judy and they also had been feeling the effects of the cold. It's the worst winter they've had for 39 years.

Received a letter from you yesterday, also one from Irene and Earny, and Marion L. You were saying something about a little house at the back, that I might like to stay in. I believe I'll be able to stand your company when I'm home again. I have a fairly good supply of socks.

Here's the taxi so must be off for now.


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