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Date: December 18th 1944
Mother & Father

Dec. 18/44

Dear Folks,

This is another of those letters which hasn't got much to it, as news has been nil the past week. Have only done one trip since last writing you and that was to Osnabruck. Have crewed up with some boys who have six trips to do, so that will help some when I get those in. Their bomb aimer was found to be color blind after doing 22 ops.

Have been receiving quite a few Xmas parcels lately. One from Marilyn and Austin, and the one from Mother of which I give you many thanks. Nothing was spoiled in the parcels-have not opened the chicken yet but it looks well. Have also had parcels from Eileen, Laura and the Cases, all being o.k. Right now I have a very good stock of food etc., but I imagine it will soon go down. The station is throwing a party for the city of York orphans and we are all giving bars, candy, etc. towards it. I can see were there will be a lot of sick children as they have a terrific supply right now.

Had a letter from Mrs. Hawksworth who is coming along o.k. I believe she feels much better knowing that Wally is a p.o.w. They certainly want me to come down for Christmas but am afraid I won't be able to make it. Typical for us to be flying all that week.

Had a letter from Mr. Case just after I had returned from our last do. I now know all the news from Kelvington. It was certainly a swell letter and really enjoyed reading it.

My photography isn't so hot. Out of the first film only two came out and they're worth nought.

Everybody is hugging the fireplace these days. I'll certainly be glad to have Sask weather again even if it is 60 below.

Well my dear ones there's nothing else I can think of so will have to say so long for now.

Love to all,

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