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Date: December 4th 1943

Sat. Dec. 4/43

Dear Dad.

You probably wonder why I don't write more often as we made an agreement that we would before we left. I assure you that the routine is the same every day and I can't write letters when there is no news. We just finished Navel school this week and it was little change from our boredom. We took ship recognition and were told about the job of the Navy. Many interesting stories about sea battles and convoys were told to us. It would really open your eyes. This coming week we are on general parade which means we have nothing to do but sit around and drink tea all day.

I had a bit of tough luck this week when a cig. Butt fell from the ash tray on to my kit bag. It caught fire and wasn't noticed until a half hour later as we had left the room. The kit bag, 2 pr. shorts, some socks and underwear were all burnt. There was an inquiry about it and I have to pay for everything myself as it wasn't the Air Force's fault.

There was a very bad accident here the other day. Bill Thompson, one of my chums, and myself saw a yank step off the curb and hit by a truck. He was knocked - minus half his teeth and covered with blood. We went and helped and an ambulance came along. As the cars travel on the left side over here we look the wrong direction when crossing the street. Walt and I almost got hit a couple of times. Do you remember Sandy, Whenham, Comber and McCann that went to service with me? They are all over here now and we really have some good times together. Bob Whenam is in the same hotel as myself.

I hope someone is sending me cigs. As I only have enough to last me till Xmas. If you send them through the Tobacco Co. it takes three months to get here - I don't know why.

150 Canadian Waffs came in here yesterday. Boy its really nice to hear a girl speak English for a change. Well Dad, Bob is here and wants me to play some table tennis so must say adios for now. Have not had any mail for there weeks but am expecting some any day.

All my love,

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