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Date: April 30th 1944
Mother & Father

April 30/44

Dear Folks,

I am going on 18 days leave in a few hours so must get a few lines away to you. I am going to be in Birmingham the first couple of days then visit Mrs. Hawksworth and then on up to Edinburgh and Glasgow were all our crew will be together.

We finished up here O.K. and put a good ending to it. We had our first prang on our 2nd last cross country and it was some fun. We had just crossed the coast and one motor konked out on us. We were hurriedly looking for a drome to set her down on as she wouldn't' hold height. We found one o.k. and Harry really put on a good show in setting her down but as luck would have it there was another aircraft on the runway, so we clipped it's wing. We were turned sideways and skidded for 300 yds. Nobody was hurt but the aircraft is washed off. There was quite an inquiry about it and the ground control was at fault so is really up to his neck in it. It was a very good show all around.

Ted Scofield arrived here yesterday-scruffy as ever. Bob was very pleased to see him. I was up to Bob's place a couple of nights ago for supper. They live in a little trailer which you can't turn around in and are as happy as can be. I got quite a kick out of them calling each other "darling", and "honey" all the time. She is honestly very nice but can't cook worth a damn.

I was very pleased to see Don Sanders here the other day-He's really a swell guy. Bob Whenam is on coastal command in Northern Ireland. Dad will remember both of them. Walt finished a week before me and is now on leave. We were posted to different stations but imagine we will be able to get together sometimes.

I received Winnie's 300 cigs. and will be writing her as soon as I get some more news. Also your parcel with the tobacco in it. I really like that as it's nice to roll your own back in the hut. I have never received any of your cigs. except the one batch that Dad sent. Tell him he better get the typewriter. I received two letters from you yesterday-the first I've had in three weeks. I won't be getting any for quite a while now. Am so glad about Elliott's "little farm" and the boys being so nice. You really make me want to get home when you tell me stories of Maidra etc.

Well I'm going over to say good-bye to some friends and then I'm off for a grand leave which I think we have earned. I'll keep you posted on the events during it.


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